Forward Compatibility Release for Team Explorer 2008

Today, as you have probably heard by now, was the public release of TFS 2010 Beta 2.  We’ve got a ton of improvements in this release, including some awesome styling changes for the branch visualization features that I’ve blogged about previously.  I have some screenshots coming in a future post where I’ll talk about the motivation behind the changes. 

Another release that went live today was the Forward Compatibility GDR for Team Explorer 2008.  This release includes a ton of important changes for TFS Version Control, as well as other feature areas in TFS.  In a previous post, I mentioned the changes that we made in TFS 2010 to the version control schema, and the impact on our client is one of the reasons we now require this GDR.  The good news is that with the patch, users with older clients will be able to have nearly the same experience with TFS 2010 as they currently do with TFS 2008. 

Find all of the information about the forward compat release, including the version control scenarios that are impacted, here.