What am I working on now?

So now that Im here and nearly finished my first week of being a Program Manager Im slowly coming to grips with the plans we have coming up. As I promised if youre using any of the products Im working on youre more than welcome to send me email about it. What am I working on? Theres two main areas at present Im working on:

Both of these are licensed through Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). AGPM v3 is in betas and nearly done - the team is working hard to get it completed as fast as they can. What does it do? I guess the link Ive provided for AGPM tells the story the best - it provides you extra capabilities to be able to manage GP itself more effectively like check-in and check-out and to deploy GPO's once you have them defined, advanced reporting, search (beyond the search/filtering thats on offer in WS08) and generally makes GP more manageable, planned and process oriented (obviously!).

At present were looking at what we might do for future versions of each of these - we have some cool ideas for where we might take it though were always open to more. While Id love to come out and tell you what feature plans are actually in place for the future that would be telling a little too much :) So you tell me. If you currently use AGPM today - what do you think its missing thats the number 1 critical thing you'd want?