Remove OLE Exception filer

Sometimes, we are seeing random hangs or crashes with our testing product. well when we actually look into the post issue state, in many cases it is not easy to understand what causes the problem.

One of the reasons not to see the cause is because the errornous situations are already dealt automatically. and OLE Exception filter is the very one in many cases.

To disable this, you need to do

  •  Set the registry key to turn of Exception filter like [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ole] IgnoreServerExceptions"="Y“
  • reboot your machine.

it will give you better chance to find out the very cause of nasty issues.

One thing to remember, after you set this registry key, you may see abnormal crashes with other applications which you couldn't see before. well this registry key is for entire system. so maybe some of application expose their internal issues to you. :)