Some packages will not download from BITS enabled distribution points in ConfigMgr 2007

If a package has folders that contains characters like "+" or "-" there can be problems on BITS-enabled distribution Points. The package will not download and only the folder structure will be created in the client cache. 


To troubleshoot on the client from a command prompt run: "bitsadmin /list /allusers"


{92C8E35D-7B11-4B1B-885A-350C7B2AFE32} 'CCMDTS Job' ERROR 126 / 1636 38389430 / UNKNOWN
Listed 1 job(s).


The run: bitsadmin /info {92C8E35D-7B11-4B1B-885A-350C7B2AFE32} /verbose >>bits.log


In the bits.log we can see the error:

ERROR FILE: http://SEDP001.CONTOSO.COM:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKGE$/P07000E3/Program Files 64/Tivoli/TSM/baclient/jvm60/jre/lib/zi/Etc/GMT+8


These KBs explains how we can fix it:


To modify the requestFiltering section on BITS-enabled distribution point computers:


execmgr.log "Execution Request for package P07000E3 program IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client (W2K8 R2) PSI state change from WaitingContent to WaitingContent"

ContentTransferManager.log "CTM job {6380EDD1-B38B-464F-B0E4-AC4590740968} entered phase CCM_DOWNLOADSTATUS_DOWNLOADING_DATA"