Fixing Office Upcoming Appointments gadget to work with Office 2010

I just finished installing Office 2010 on all my home computers, and immediately ran into a “wife acceptance factor” issue: the “Outlook Upcoming Appointments” Sidebar gadget didn’t work:


“Fix it.”  Sigh.  Fortunately, it wasn’t hard to do.  Locate the “C:\Users\<user ID>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\OutlookAppointmentsGadget[1].gadget\en-US\js” folder and in it you’ll see a file called Outlook.vbs.  Open it in your favorite text editor and find the two lines that mention Outlook “12” and change them to reference Outlook “14” instead.  Change this:

if value = "Outlook.Application.12" then


if value = "Outlook.Application.14" then

and this:

if mid(outlookApplication.Version, 1, 2) <> "12" then

to this:

if mid(outlookApplication.Version, 1, 2) <> "14" then

Save the changes, close the gadget, and open it again.  You should then see something that works:


If only all application compatibility issues were that simple…