MDT 2010 New Feature #9: Copy and paste support in the Deployment Workbench task sequence editor

In previous versions of MDT, there was no way to copy a step or a group of steps between two task sequences.  Now with MDT 2010 that is fairly simple:

  1. Edit a task sequence.
  2. Right click on the task sequence step or group that you want to copy, then choose “Copy”.
  3. Select another node in the task sequence, or in another task sequence.
  4. Right click on the node and choose “Paste” to copy the step or group of steps below the selected node.

This should save you some typing, since you won’t need to manually recreate steps in other task sequences.  The step or group details being copied will be kept on the Windows clipboard, so it’s even possible to copy from one machine via Terminal Services and then paste into another.