Troubleshooting Windows Deployments

I’ve been doing a session at various events over the years called “Troubleshooting Windows Deployments” or something similar to that.  Today is the latest, presenting the session at TechEd New Zealand in Auckland.  It’s been tweaked some over the years, but the basic flow has always been the same:

  • Log files of interest
  • Examples of problems you might encounter
  • Where to turn for help

Well, I figure it’s about time to turn some of this into documentation and start working on some deeper content – basically, turning the current session into a book.  Of course you don’t write a book overnight (especially when you have a day job), so I expect this to be an incremental process.  But rather than wait until it’s done and then publish the whole thing, I’d like to take a different approach: publish sections as I manage to work on them.

So here’s my first section, talking about the various log files that may be of interest during the deployment process.  (See the attachment below.)  With any luck, I’ll add to that every now and then until everything in the session is included in the document – and then keep going…

Troubleshooting Windows Deployments 2012-09-06.pdf