Enterprise Mobility Suite, Office 365, Windows 10 enables Enterprise Users to do more

Get to understand Enterprise Mobility Suite from Brad Anderson, CVP Enterprise Mobility and how along with Office 365 and Windows 10 can give an integrated environment to enhance productivity.

This would be a very useful session for you to watch if you are working in the area of Identity and Security. Among other things this session has demos that talk about how the following are being used as part of EMS:

  • Azure Machine Learning
  • The Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit services,
  • Multi Factor Authentications,
  • Advanced Threat Analytics,
  • Integration with non-Microsoft devices and Apps, 
  • Security in the context of corporate App/Data v/s personal App/Data 
  • BYO
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Azure RMS
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Intune
  • Benefits of telemetry for security


Check out the ~40 min video here