The Modern Workplace

We live in a world where devices outnumber people and create more data than people can consume. The pace of change is faster than ever.  Technology has led to disruptions in our personal and our professional lives.

The world has changed.

We used to talk about trends as if they were in silos – CoIT, BYOD, IoT etc.  The trends are still important and have impact by themselves, but their combined impact is greater, and we need to reimagine productivity in order to remain successful as individuals and as companies.

We are productive when we make things, and make things happen. Sometimes on our own, but more often together.

Office 365, is growing massively every single day, every single month, every single quarter, it is our fastest growing product ever.  It really is the future of productivity from Microsoft.  And what it enables us to do has grown beyond end user empowerment—which we've always done with the Office applications—and the server infrastructure that we've had for many years now.  Office 365 really allows organizations to be more productive, in a much more meaningful way.

That can be as simple as empowering end users with the devices that they want to use in a secure, compliant fashion.  Or it could be about helping people make sense of the vast quantities of data that are coming at us each and every single day.

So that's why we think these areas:

  • Modern document creation
  • Modern mobility
  • Personal insights into data with a service that is learning and helping you interpret the mountain of information coming at us.
  • And then finally, doing all of this in a very secure and compliant fashion—focused on individuals.  We're very proud of what we can do today. 

 We're excited about the modern workplace and its ability to reinvent productivity for another generation.


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