Two new GDPR solutions

Can you believe that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in only three months? Customers have let us know that messages with the four-percent-fine/scare-tactic approach aren’t welcome. Instead, they’re asking us to offer a solution, multi-year plan, or specific use cases to help them understand the importance of complying with GDPR requirements.

Partners are already helping organizations leverage the GDPR as a competitive differentiator. They recognize that customers need to trust their data will be properly managed-or they’ll likely take their business elsewhere.

Two Microsoft 365 intelligent compliance solutions are here to help assess and manage compliance risks:

  1. Compliance Manager: a single pane of glass with ongoing risk assessment on Microsoft cloud services, actionable insights, and recommended actions to improve data protection capabilities, as well as simplified compliance via streamlined workflow and audit-ready reports.
  2. Azure Information Protection Scanner: It lets you configure policies to automatically discover, classify, label, and protect documents in on-premises repositories like file servers and on-premises SharePoint servers.

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