Mshsnapin (part 1): usage of mshsnapin commands.

Latest beta3 release of monad added the capability of adding/removing cmdlets and providers in current running session through mshsnapins. Mshsnapin is a logic group of cmdlets and providers can be manipulate as a unit in monad engine.

Following commands can be used for manipulating mshsnapins,

  • get-mshsnapin: this will list all mshsnapin's that are loaded in current monad session.
  • get-mshsnapin -reg: this will list all mshsnapin's that are installed on current machine.
  • add-mshsnapin <mshsnapin-name>:  this will load a mshsnapin into current monad session.
  • remove-mshsnapin <mshsnapin-name>:  this will unload a mshsnapin from current monad session.

- George