Search Center Search Result Page Infrastructure

The search result page is a core piece of the search user interface since it owns:

  • Building the query
  • Issuing the query against the SharePoint index
  • Receive results and organizing the results
  • Rendering results and interaction with the user


Web parts

The result page contains several web parts that all interact and they each own part of the search experience:

Web part


Core Results

The main web part of the result page.

The core results web part will show the ranked results order by relevance by default.

High Confidence Results

This web part will show best bet results, special terms, people and keyword definitions for the query.

Exactly what is visible can be configured in the shared web part properties.

High confidence results will always rely on exact keyword matches

Search Best bets

This web part will show best bet results

Search Paging

Paging web part will control paging of the result

Search Summary

This web part provides a summary of the query. It is outputting the keyword/scope that’s being queried.

Result Statistics

This web part will show the statistics of the query.

Basically number of results, total number of results and the elapsed query time.


All of the web parts use the same hidden object instance to

  • initiate the query and configure properties
  • get the results in xml when they are ready

All the web parts specify a result search ID that they are associated with – default is query1.