Unattended MSMQ installation on Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 has a nifty new command line tool called ServerManagerCmd.exe which makes installing and uninstalling Optional Components and Server Roles quick and easy. It is not related to the Package Manager/OCSetup family of tools, so although it’s different, it’s also a bit simpler and easier to use. It has a Query option, which lets you see which roles and components are currently installed, and a WhatIf option, which lets you check the results of installing or uninstalling a component before you actually do it. I am a big fan of this tool for its power and simplicity. Check out Server Manager command line (it's down at the end) on TechNet for more info.

Here is an example of a command and unattend file which will install most of the Message Queuing components. Check out the ServerManagerCmd help for information on uninstalling components.

—Jolie Boushey


servermanagercmd -inputpath Install.xml



<ServerManagerConfiguration Action="Install" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sdm/Windows/ServerManager/Configuration/2007/1">

<Feature Id="MSMQ-Services" />

      <Feature Id="MSMQ-Server" />

      <Feature Id="MSMQ-Triggers" />

      <Feature Id="MSMQ-DCOM" />

      <Feature Id="MSMQ-Multicasting" />

      <Feature Id="MSMQ-Directory" />

      <Feature Id="MSMQ-HTTP-Support" />