DinnerNow.Net, a connected application using server Microsoft technologies, released with source code

The Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) group released a DinnerNow.Net sample. Get the scoop from Matt or James or David. In short, the website is a factious marketplace that is built using several Microsoft technologies. The source code for the sample is released on codeplex.com here. DPE are planning to continuously publish updates to the sample and we encourage the community to use it, help with ideas, and report bugs.


The DPE team is enthusiastic about developers and enterprises and are constantly coming up with new ideas to reach out to the developers. Its simply phenomenal to see them shipping such a great end to end application and its source code to the world.


Enjoy the DinnerNow.Net.




P.S. DinnerNow.Net reminded me of a project I worked on when I first graduated: otlob.com, it’s the first online delivery site in Egypt. Its different now than it was when we started it.