WF Activities supported by the .NET Workflow Service

A few folks asked about the set of supported activities in the Nov 2008 CTP of .NET Workflow Service.


In the current release, Nov 2008 CTP, the Workflow Service supports a subset of the WF out-of-box (OOB) activities and some activities for the .NET Services platform. Therefore, the WF Workflows that the Workflow Service would run can only have these activities. The list is below. In the future, we plan to support more OOB WF Activities and provide more activities for the .NET Services platform.


In order for you to easily design .NET Workflow Service, you should visit to download and install the Microsoft .NET Services (Nov 2008 CTP) SDK. After installtion, lanuch VS2008, select File-New-Project-CloudWorkflow and choose CloudSequentialWorkflow template. The toolbox will contain the set of supported activities and the root activity will perform design time validation.


Supported Activities


OOB WF Activities

  • IfElse
  • Sequence
  • Suspend
  • Terminate
  • While


.NET Workflow Service Activities

  • CloudSequentialWorkflow -- Root Activity
  • CloudDelay
  • CloudHttpSend
  • CloudHttpReceive
  • CloudServiceBusSend
  • CloudXPathRead
  • CloudXPathUpdate

Please visit the MSDN library here: to learn more about the .NET Workflow Service activities.