Target Video Now Available

We have new video available on the System Center Tech Center.  This one covers the basic concept of how to select a target for a monitor or rule and provides a couple of strategies for creating a new target if you don’t already have a suitable one.  This is a more basic topic than the last video we put out – which was definitely on the advanced level.  We’re trying to cover the spectrum of skill sets with the videos, and selecting a target is one of the most basic concepts in management packs – but one that many people still aren’t entirely comfortable with.  Hopefully this one will clear up any remaining questions.

I’m currently working on the Linked Report video which supports our latest section in the MP Authoring Guide.  We have other videos queued up after that and are prioritizing according to comments feedback.  If you have any particular topic you’d like covered, please drop us a mail at or just give a comment here.  Same goes for management pack samples too if there’s something you’d like to see.