Black Marble leading the way with DevOps

By Black Marble, Microsoft Inspire Headline Sponsor

Celebrating 20 years driven by innovation, imagination and technical excellence, Black Marble is an award-winning, multi-Gold Competency Partner for Platform Development with internationally recognised experts ready to deliver solutions across the Microsoft platform from Azure to UWP.


Our DevOps team is making real cultural change for our customers to improve efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the whole development, test and release cycle. Our first-rate consultants assist in developing Azure templates to provision environments in the cloud as well as successfully transitioning our customers to Visual Studio Team Services. We guide organisations through the cultural change, advising on how Microsoft's tools can be used to enhance and enable the move, whether you choose to run on premises or, even better, in the Cloud!


"We adopted DevOps as we saw it as a better way to deploy and create services internally. We share our learnings with our customers, and in return we learn from them. It's a virtuous cycle." Rik Hepworth, IT Director, Black Marble.


We have seen excellent results for our customers with our DevOps approach, particularly delivered using Azure, one said: "Going with Azure, you know it just works. You can learn fast, change fast, adapt quickly. We feel confident and the integration is great - everything plays nicely together so it really works from a DevOps perspective."


These are the key benefits for our customers:


  • Regularly kick-starts a cultural change from the traditional hand-built environments to using automated provisioning at the speed of a customer's request.
  • Demonstrates a technology which allows them to develop and release individual customer requests.
  • Demonstrates a technology which reduces the time to release from weeks to a matter of hours.
  • Increases the uptime of services - no more downtime when servers need memory - in Azure they simple use the slider and click apply.


A customer said: "Most of the things that are easily measurable like time to release a line of code, cost of running a service and uptime of service, will be better under Azure but it is the business benefits which will transform our product offering."


To find out more about how our DevOps services can benefit your business, please get in touch with our Senior Business Development Manager, Amy Gwyther. Or get in touch at Microsoft Inspire if you are attending!