Creating a company culture suited to the digital era


At last year's Microsoft Future Decoded, we launched a new report, based on comprehensive research and insight into the state of digital transformation in the UK. Whilst the findings clearly demonstrated that new digital services were changing every aspect of business, both for our partners and customers, it also uncovered widespread discrepancies between the way digital transformation is viewed. Moreover, the willingness to embrace strategies, initiatives and operating models is a huge variant across organisations.


In light of this, at this week's event Clare Barclay, Microsoft UK Chief Operating Officer, took to the stage and introduced our latest report, Creating a culture of digital transformation. Compiled through a combination of quantitative field research, expert interviews, business leader insight, workshops and a chatbot survey, this report delves deeper into the factors and attitudes influencing UK businesses on their digital journeys.


The report explores what really drives new efficiencies, productivity, creativity and innovations, and what it takes to ensure our customers embark on a successful digital transformation journey. To realise the full technological potential of digital transformation, businesses must first create a culture of digital transformation. A culture that's flexible, and able to progress as technology, apps and possibilities evolve. Empowering employees, optimising operations, engaging customers, and transforming products and services.


Technology may be the driving force of digital transformation, but technology alone cannot solve all our problems.


As our partners, we encourage you to share the report with your customers, leveraging the practical and tangible suggestions on how, together with you, they embark on this cultural shift. With industry use cases, and insight from top level business experts, the report illustrates that an agile and creative culture is the key to a successful digital journey.


"Earlier this year at Microsoft Inspire, we outlined the $55 billion market opportunity that digital transformation brings for our UK partners. In line with this, we made the promise to continually invest in our partner ecosystem, to support and enable you to reach your full potential as you guide your customers on their digital journeys. I am therefore really excited to share this latest report with you, to help further accelerate your success and empower your customers in this digitally driven marketplace.


Whilst technology may be at the heart of digital transformation, creating the right culture to enable this change to take place is key. Whatever stage you are at within your journey, I encourage you to take the time to read through the report, and share it with your customers."


Joe Macri, Vice President One Commercial Partner, Microsoft UK


We will also be creating some additional go-to-market resources and campaign support to help you successfully leverage the report with your customers. Stay tuned to the MPN blog and our Twitter account for more updates as and when this becomes available.


Download the report today and encourage your customers to visit our customer site to access the report for themselves.