That's not natural: taking the workplace back to its roots

The great linguist Steven Pinker has a theory about why talking about technology can get so complicated. He calls it the curse of knowledge. The more you know, the less clearly you communicate.

You probably come across the curse of knowledge more than most people. You sell technology. You're expected to know what it does, how it does it, and what that means for your customers. It's only natural that you come up with a faster way of explaining it. A shorthand. Jargon.

The thing is, it doesn't always come naturally to your customers. How often do you find yourself spelling out an acronym for a customer who's never heard it before? And that's before they've even got their hands on the tech - and the doorstop of a user manual that comes with it. Who's got time to read that? Isn't technology supposed to be simpler? When did the things meant to speed us up start slowing us down?

A better way to work

So let's make it natural for them, with a way of talking, writing, and working that's familiar. That's what the modern workplace is all about. It's why your customers want to be able to work anywhere. And their employees bring in their own devices. And you're expected to be able to keep supporting them long after they've made their purchase.

The devices we use to talk, write, and work should feel natural, too. That's what we're all about. We've made it our mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. That means creating technology that feels natural - and speeds you and your customers up, rather than slowing you down.

Technology that comes naturally

Maybe the best example you'll see is in Surface. It's been just over five years since we launched the first Surface Pro. And like the modern workplace, it's come a long way since then. Here are a few ways it's making work more natural.


The best inking experience.

It's easy for your customers to switch between form factors and breathe life into ideas like they would on a sketchpad or notebook.



Natural and intuitive touch.

Whether they want to work with a pen or their hands, Surface lets your customers stay in control.



True-to-life displays.

Surface looks good. Your customers will love the way it's put together, but they'll also love the blazing graphics of the perfectly sized display.



No wonder 96% of employees say Surface makes them more productive. It speeds them up, instead of slowing them down.

You don't need jargon to make it make sense. It doesn't come with a manual to rival War and Peace. It's a cure for the curse of knowledge. Surface is easier and faster to use, so it's easier and faster to explain. And sell.

If you want to find out more about how Surface fits into a more natural modern workplace, register your interest to become a Surface reseller here.