Vuzion: Helping partners become complete cloud solution providers (WPC Sponsor Post)

Dear Microsoft Partners,

We’re very excited to be joining you all at World Partner Conference this year. There is no substitute for meeting face to face, and WPC gives us the perfect opportunity for this to happen.

Whether you’re a MSP, ISV, SI, VAR, or 1-Tier CSP, we can help you future proof your business and establish long-term profitability as you transition to the cloud.

What can we do for you?

“…increase your margin on Office 365 from 3% to 15% in just days”

If you still have customers licensing Office 365 under the Advisor model, we can help you switch to CSP by leveraging our Profit Tuner solution. If you’re a numbers person, that equates to increasing your margin on Office 365 from 3% to 15% in just days.

“…help you get started with Azure”

Vuzion was the first Microsoft 2-Tier CSP partner to successfully automate the delivery and billing of Microsoft Azure services through an integrated cloud marketplace.  We have many years’ experience of selling cloud-based IaaS solutions and we have packaged up this knowledge to help partners start selling solutions on top of Azure.  To make the first step easier we’re offering partners a £250 credit to try Azure through CSP for themselves.

If that’s piqued your interest, here’s a little background on who we are.

“we have 20 years’ experience of delivering cloud services”

Despite being just 4 months old, Vuzion builds on 20 years’ experience of delivering cloud services and solutions to thousands of customers through 100s of partners from our parent company Cobweb. Using Cobweb as a testbed, Vuzion is able to offer its partners bundled services and marketing campaigns that are tried, tested and proven to work.

Vuzion is the UK’s largest Cloud Aggregator. We take cloud based solutions from multiple vendors and pull them together to build an ecosystem of services, and blend these services with the capabilities of our network of resellers. We offer this combination of cloud, professional and managed services to all partners along with all the required operational support solutions including Automated billing, 24*7 UK based support, strategic consulting, and marketing capabilities.

Meet our team:

This summer we’re sending 4 members of our team, each experts in their own field, to Toronto, Canada for WPC 2016. Whether you’re interested in Azure, Office 365, digital transformation, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

Michael Frisby (Managing Director):

Michael’s expertise lies in combining technology and customer requirements into commercial solutions. At Vuzion, he is responsible for leading the company’s transition as a value-add cloud aggregator. He previously led Microsoft’s SMB Managed Reseller channel across Western Europe, accelerating the transition to selling cloud services, and building the Office 365 Syndication business to one million users.

Julian Dyer (CTO):

Julian is our very own visionary/tech wizard.  Julian became CTO in 2001, setting and leading the technological agenda. He prides himself on marrying exceptional technical expertise with uncompromising support and service for partners and customers.

Craig Gordon (Solutions Consultant):

Infrastructure and Managed Services expert, Craig is the man to speak to about Azure solutions. Craig strikes the perfect balance between technical knowledge and business acumen. He spent 5 years helping Cobweb (now Vuzion) and partners develop and deliver profitable, bespoke and unique services to bring their businesses to new heights despite having a mild case of acrophobia.

Darren Roberts (Channel Business Development Manager):

Darren brings with him over 15 years of sales experience to the Vuzion team. An early advocate of cloud services since the 2000s, Darren works with partners to build a profitable and sustainable cloud business model.

To read more about us, visit our website: for more details.

To book a meeting with a member of our Vuzion team, fill out the form at and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at WPC16!