Keep those old Compaq DL 360G1 Power Supplies

My team has a bunch of old DL360 G1 server that we are planning on getting rid of.  They have all had their defective power supplies replaced with the new "Orange Label" Lite-on model PS-6191-1 Power supplies.  We were going to just send these servers to PC Recycle.  Not any more!

We have a bunch of DL360 G2 Servers also.  I just had a power supply in on of these servers die (Lite-on model number: PS-6251-3C).  After our local parts guy found out that the new power supply was $400+  I decided to try one of the DL360 G1 Power supplies.  They look almost identical.  And when I put it in the server it works like a charm.

So now before I send my old DL360 G1s out the door I will be pulling all the Power supplies out.

You should do the same :)