PGP 9 and Whole Disk Encryption could be better but it still rocks

So with pgp9 the feature for whole disk encryption was added.  This is a great feature if you run Windows XP (or Windows 2000 pro for PGP 9.02).  It allows you to literally encrypt all the contents of your hard drive at a very low level. 

When the system boots it prompts for the Pass Phrase.  Now if you also add the PGP USB/Smart Card token you will have to put that in then enter the pass phrase to access the cert on the smart card.

So if someone manages to steal my Whole Disk Encrypted hard Drive they will also have to get my Smart Card fob and the Pass phrase for it to be any good to them.

I give PGP 9 - 3 out of 4 stars.  I would like to see Server 2k3 support for whole disk encryption.  And they have a few bugs when you attempt to run as a non Admin.