Fool Me Twice...

One of my back teeth needed a crown so I went to the dentist about a month ago where they fitted me for the permanent crown, and put on a temporary one.  As I'm laying there with my mouth open they use my chest, complete with bib, to place various utensils on.  So I didn't think much of it when the the dental assistant placed something on my shirt near the end of my procedure. 

Later that day my wife says, "I guess you were quite a patient at the dentist today." 

"What??" I say confused.

"Look at your shirt."

I look down and there, just below my collar, out of eyesight, is a bright green sticker with a very excited bear on it, exclaiming, "WORLD'S GREATEST PATIENT!"

I have a good laugh at my own expense.  I was on vacation that day to accomplish some things around the house so the exposure was pretty minimal - my wife and kids laugh at my expense all the time.

Fast forward to today.  I'm rather preoccupied with the crown being put on and the fact that mid-PDC last week a different crown broke while in LA and I had to get it temporarily glued on by the first dentist I was able to track down.  We've got a lot of work to do at MSDN between now and the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and the content team at MSDN is meeting shortly after this dentist appointment for their weekly meeting that I am running.  The permanent cap goes on without a hitch and I head to work.  Meeting goes fine. 

We head to lunch afterwards and Tom says, "Now what exactly is that thing on your shirt?"

I look down and see a rather excited bear exclaiming, "WORLD'S GREATEST PATIENT!"

My next appointment is about 4 months away...I will not forget...I will not forget....I will not forget...