Give Us Your Feedback on WSE and Indigo

Some of you may be familiar with the MSDN Product Feedback Center that has been used to allow the users of the Visual Studio 2005 betas to file bugs and submit product suggestions.  Our general plan is that this capability will be provided for any number of developer products, but we are rolling this out slowly as we build the infrastrure and communication channels with the different product groups within Microsoft.

Well, we have recently rolled out the capability for folks using Web Services Enhancements and Indigo to take advantage of the Product Feedback Center.  Not only can you submit bugs or suggestions on these products, you can also provide your 2 cents on which bugs are the most important ones for us to address.

The Product Feedback Center requires a passport login.  If you are logged in and go to the homepage you will see the status of all the bugs you have opened plus any others you have flagged for tracking.  Or you can go straight to the WSE or Indigo list.

Let us know how we can improve these products!