Microsoft and the AJAX Community

Scott announced that Microsoft joined the OpenAJAX Alliance today.  I think this does a lot for Microsoft and for the AJAX community.  We are certainly striving to be a big player in making AJAX an easy to use platform both for developers and end users, but it definitely needs to be done in a way that plays well with others.

On a similar note, Brad Abrams is in New York at AJAXWorld and will be delivering the keynote tomorrow morning to many of the folks in the AJAX community.

Finally, if you want to learn more about what sort of issues the AJAX community needs to be working on to work well together, you might check out the article we just published on MSDN from Scott Mitchell and Atif Aziz on JSON.

And don't forget, you can learn more about Microsoft's AJAX efforts in Las Vegas at Mix07.  See you there.