MIX 07 - It's coming!

One of the cooler things about my relatively new position here on the Web Platform and Tools Marketing Team is that I'm deeply involved in the planning for a number of upcoming conferences.  One of these, that I had not been previously involved in is Mix07 in Las Vegas, April 30 to May 2nd.

We have a TON to talk about at MIX this year with the recent releases of ASP.NET AJAX, WPF/E, the Expression Suite and, oh yeah, things like Vista and IE7.  Upcoming is the "Orcas" release of Visual Studio and Longhorn Server (with IIS7).  For those of us focused on the Web world, this is a HUGE time for us at Microsoft and MIX is probably our key event.

And being an old developer, I have worked most of my career with underlying communication technologies, so it is really fun to be involved with the bells and whistles of the User Experience side of the world.  We have some really creative designers inside and outside of Microsoft who will be presenting and will be available to talk with.  And for us devs whose idea of UI is a text box and button, you will also see how Expression and VStudio allow you to work together with the designers and do all the amazing things that WPF and WPF/E allow you to do.

And there is a TON of other cool topics of discussion as well.  So whenever I get the daylight savings blahs, all I have to do is think about Mix and I perk right up. :-)

If you haven't registered yet, hurry up and register since the early-bird discount ends this Thursday (March 15).