@Stake Compares Security in .NET and WebSphere

@Stake published an analysis of the .NET Framework and WebSphere focusing on security issues.  I didn't dig into the whole report yet, but the following are pretty cool things that they found:

  • First and foremost they said that Windows Server 2003 w/ the .NET Framework as well as IBM WebSphere on Linux are strong platforms for creating Web services (among other things) and that there is no reason to delay deployments on either for security reasons.  There is good, viable security in these platforms.
  • The .NET Framework 1.1 running on Windows Server 2003 scored slightly better with respect to conformance to security best practices
  • The Microsoft solution scored even higher with respect to the ease with which developers and administrators can implement secure solutions

The italicized portions are direct quotes.  So get out there and start taking advantage of the goodness that is Web services!