TechEd Europe

I won't be there but there will be plenty of others who will have some great things to say about Web services.  One such person is Clemens Vasters who zipped down to Amsterdam at a mere 200 km/h (124 m/h).  And of course while he was traveling at this white-knuckle speed he also had the wherewithal to reach down, grab his digital camera and take a picture of his dashboard.


I once hit 110 m/h on the Montana freeways.  The insanity of the speed didn't hit me until I realized I had to hit the brakes substantially to go around even the most gradual turns.  And of course just the act of hitting the brakes at 110 is a pretty scary proposition.   I slowed down to a much saner 90 m/h for the rest of the trip.


Of course Clemens probably doesn't drive a Dodge Caravan. :-)


I'm on vacation for the rest of this week.  Back after the US 4th of July holiday (they give us the 5th off since it falls on a Sunday).  That means I'm back in business on July 6th.