WinDev - Here I Am

I just arrived in Boston for WinDev 2004.  This looks like an exceptional conference this year and based on the speakers presenting, it looks like the attendees are in for a real treat.  Of course I will be spending my time with the Web Services track and on Friday I get to present on Reliability and Transactions as well as Web Service Subscriptions.

Because I'm filling in on the second talk for a speaker that had to bow out, I realized that there is not an abstract for this talk.  So just to wet some appetites, here is the abstract:

WS14 - Web Services Subscriptions

The WS-* specifications can be pretty confusing and exhaustive to keep track of.  How much should you know about all the specifications?  Are there more coming?  It has been said that developers should ignore the WS-* specifications unless they are building Web service plumbing.  But just like the situations where the plumber isn't available for a few weeks, it might make sense that you pick up the plunger, the monkey wrench and attack that clogged pipe yourself.  But if you take this approach, there are some caveats.  We will look at Web service subscriptions as one example.  We will compare a subscription approach to other message exchange patterns, look at scenarios where it might make sense, then we will implement a subscription-based Web service based on the WS-Eventing specification.