WSDL with .NET Attribution

Keith Pijanowski's article was published last Friday.  Keith did a nice job of providing an exhaustive list of attibution options that you can use within your .ASMX Web service to control the automatic WSDL generation.

Christian then made the excellent point that some of these options are not WS-I Basic Profile compliant.   I will look into updating the article to see if we can indicate which options would not be WS-I BP compliant.  I don't think this will be too hard.

This brings up another point.  With the next release of the .NET Framework SDK documentation it would be nice if any non-WS-I BP compliant options were documented as such.  I'll have to suggest this to the product group in case they haven't thought of it.

Of course this raises the bigger you allow the platform to build a Web service that is not a WS-I BP compliant Web services?  I think you have to allow them.  One scenario would be if you had an existing non-compliant web service and you wanted to migrate to the new platform.  You wouldn't necessarily want to break all the clients currently using your Web service.  Besides, it would be more work to remove the functionality that exists.  The default of course has to be BP compliant.