Blog Spam is taking a toll

When I started this blog, I ensured that folks could post comments in response to my thoughts and ideas.  However, I did set it up so that any un-authenticated user's comments needed to be screened before they became visible.  In recent weeks, I have become very glad for this fore-thought.  Today, I started to review comments, which I do a few times a week. However, there is a lot more "spam" than anything else.  So far, I think I deleted 300 comments, and allowed one, and there is no end in site for the rest of the comments that need review.  This problem has grown over time, and what used to be a 10 minute job every couple of days now requires much more time.

As a result, I am temproarily turning off comments.  In a few weeks, I'll consider turning them back on to see if the spammers have removed the site from their scripts.

In the meantime, please feel free to post about the projects I am working on over on their CodePlex sites.