p&p Team Space Update

While we are still not moved in to the new space, a few folks are using their laptops to camp and it try out.  I acquired a few candid pictures (thanks Steve Elston) to show off the new area.

The above picture shows one of the largest workrooms in the space and a few folks (Eugenio Pace, Alan Ridlehoover, Blaine Wastell, Wojtek Kozaczynski, and Brad Wilson).  There are a number of workstations with flat-panel monitor stands and nifty chairs; plenty of wall space to hold our information about a project; light from the outdoors (through the glass-walled offices); and plenty of room to get the team together for an impromptu discussion.  On the right side of the picture, you can see curtains closing off another workroom. One of the things you cannot see in this photo is the ceiling-mounted projector that projects onto the wall with all the sticky notes and hooks up to one of the desks.


This shows two workrooms, a lounge area, and a few guys (John Socha-Leialoha, Edward Jezierski, and Francis Cheung) preparing for a demo.  The curtain from the last picture is just off-camera on the right side. You can also see one of the projectors at work.  Since this area does not have a nice big wall to project on, there is a screen that drops from the ceiling on demand.  You can even see a few of the flat-panels installed. The lounge area in the background is nice, and can be converted into another workarea by dragging a few desks over and moving the lounge furniture.

Now you can see why we cannot wait to get moved into our new space.  We will get moved this week (folks started packing boxes Monday).