Upcoming Patterns & Practices Summit

We are having a p&p Summit here in Redmond in early October.  The noteworthy things about this Summit, other than the great topic, is that I am one of the speakers.  I'll be working with Peter Provost on an Agile Talk on Agility.  I'll also be discussing my project (probably with help from the rest of my team), the Web Client Software Factory.

Some of the sessions from the schedule that caught my eye are:

  • Dependency Injection Architecture - Brad Wilson
  • DSI & Designing for Operations - David Aiken
  • Agile Presentation Layer Design - Andrew Flick
  • Security Patterns for Services - Jason Hogg
  • TDD and Guidance Automation - Chris Tavares

I look forward to seeing you there.

[Edit: Added a link to the Web Client Software Factory project.]