Speaking again at TechEd 2009

I'll be out at TechEd this year and delivering the next version of my Debugger Tips and Tricks talk, which I last gave at PDC. 


In the version of the talk for this year [DTL323], I'll have similar content on VS2005 and VS2008, but will have an updated version of VS2010 to show off some new debugger features if you all are interested.  I may even do a booth talk on VS2010 in more depth since I want to keep the breakout talk balanced with things you can take advantage of today.  If you are headed to TechEd, please go ahead and sign up for this session early.  Last time the room was way too small, and I really like the opportunity to have a meaningful Q&A session during and after the talk.  Not much ability to do that when you are a mile away!

See you all there!