Craig's On-Going MSBee Discussions

Craig is a developer in our customer experience team who is working on the v1.1 build support in MSBuild feature (a.k.a. MSBee). I didn't realize until today that he's not only working on it, he's blogging about what's going into developing it. He's got four posts up so far:

Developing MSBee - Part 1 (An overview to the three key issues)
Developing MSBee - Part 2 (Writing a wrapper around ResolveAssemblyReference)
Developing MSBee - Part 3 (Reading version numbers from the registry)
Developing MSBee - Part 4 (The design of the GenerateResource task)

If you've enjoyed our ongoing series about how Visual Studio interacts with MSBuild you'll definitely enjoy what Craig has to say. It'll give you a deeper understanding of how some of the core bits of Microsoft.Common.Targets contribute to the overall build process.

[ Author: Neil Enns ]