Sprint 10 Backlog Items

My bad for not getting this up sooner. We've actually been going on Sprint 10 for the last two weeks. As with Sprint 9 we've split it into one sprint for platform work and one for dogfood work.

We've made a shift in our platform work for Sprint 10. During this sprint we are solely focused on building automated compatibility tests to ensure backwards compatibility with what we shipped in .NET 2.0. This includes reviewing existing tests, writing a test spec, reviewing and finalizing the spec, and writing new tests for a host of different areas. Some of the specific areas we're focusing on are: target file compatibility; shipped tasks and loggers; command-line processing; solution files; and logger output.

On the dogfood side of things we are finishing up work on integrating prefast into our internal targets files; adding a framework and tests to unit test our internal .targets files; cleanup of the internal targets for building native source; and better support for build phases and interactions with build.exe.

[ Author: Neil Enns ]