Light Weight Case Studies…Up-close and Personal With Operations

A couple of months ago some folks from the Architecture Evangelism group in Microsoft approached us with an interesting idea, they wanted to produce an informal video series that focused on MSCOM Operations. They bill these as “Light Weight Case Studies”, and they have now been completed. They are being formally release on the Skyscrapr site as part of the ARCast series of shows. The 1st of the series entitled Architecting - Introduction is released to their site, the remaining three will be released in the next few weeks. If you are interested in Solution, Infrastructure, Strategic or Industry Architecture, you should check out their site at

The Skyscrapr site is a great Architecture resource, I encourage you to visit it often. As they say, “Skyscrapr is your window on the architectural perspective. Discover the different disciplines of system architecture, as well as perspectives on building successful systems. Check out our architects' blogs, learn about industry trends, download webcasts, watch videos, find training, and more.”

For all of you PodCast fans, they have also extracted the audio that is available to download.

And as a special favor to the folks that read this blog, here are the links to all of the MSCOM Light Weight Case Study videos:

ARCast-Architecting Microsoft dot com - Introduction

ARCast-Architecting Microsoft dot com - High Availability

ARCast-Architecting Microsoft dot com - Web Hosting

ARCast-Architecting Microsoft dot com - SQLServer