CRM makes you grey

I got some emails regarding the CRM Menu bar being greyed out, not working etc. I have collected some possible resolutions for those.

It's possible that the COM Add-in is not activated. You can activate it or in some cases you need to remove and re add the Add-in.

A. Launch Outlook.
B. Go to Tools | Options.
C. Select the Other tab.
D. Select Advanced Options.
E. Select COM Add-ins.
F. Highlight Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin and note the location path below it. (You may want to write this down since you will need it in step O)
G. Select remove to remove the Microsoft CRM Outlook Addin.
H. Select OK to all windows and close Outlook.
I. Launch Outlook.
J. Go to Tools | Options.
K. Select the Other Tab.
L. Select Advanced Options.
M. Select COM Addins.
N. Select Add.
O. Navigate to the path from step F (If there was not one specified try /Program Files/CRM/Client/Bin/crmaddin.dll)
P. Select OK to all windows.
Q. Close Outlook.
R. Re-launch Outlook.

The COM-addin may be disabled.
1 .On the Help menu, click About Microsoft Office Outlook.
2. Click Disabled Items.
3. Select the items you want to enable.
4. Click Enable.

Other possible causes can be antivirus running on this machine? Temporarily disable this and relaunch Outlook.

In I.E. under Internet Options | Security | Local Intranet | Add the CRM Website to Trusted Sites.

Remove any Stored Passwords for the CRM Server from the Client Machine. Control Panel | User Accounts | Advanced Tab | Manage Passwords.