Demo Microsoft CRM on Vista with Virtual PC 2007

Maybe some of you already run your machines with Microsoft Vista but I am guessing that most of you do not do this. What did I wanted to tell you with that sentence? Well, currently most partners use Windows XP and Virtual PC 2004 (SP1) to demo Microsoft CRM. If you switch, which I really can recommend, you need to switch to Virtual PC 2007 as well.

Virtual PC 2007 is Microsoft's latest hardware virtualization software and it is now available for download. New features in Virtual PC 2007 include support for hardware-assisted virtualization technology and support for Windows Vista as a host or guest operating system or both.

As most of you probably already know but Virtual PC is free!  So whether Microsoft virtualization technology is an important component of your existing infrastructure or you're just using Virtual PC to demo Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can now download Virtual PC 2004 absolutely free. Microsoft will also offer the free download of Virtual PC 2007, with support for Windows Vista, available in 2007.

Since January 02 2007 the Release Candidate is available. I have been using the Beta for a while without any problems on my Vista machine but will update this week to the RC release of Virtual PC 2007. By the way if you want to install Vista in a VPC you can find some good information here:

You must be thinking; yeah yeah all nice and all but can we download the Release Candidate as well! Yes you can and the only thing you need to do is to enroll in the Virtual PC 2007 Beta Program. You can do this here: