Improved Scribe installation Guide!

Scribe Insight can populate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with key customer information from ERP, CRM, Web, and Legacy applications, making it possible for you to work with a complete customer profile. Scribe Insight is available with templates for leading applications and can be used to:

  • Automatically feed leads into Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a Web site, telemarketing partners, or marketing campaigns
  • Populate customers in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with financial and order history data from ERP
  • Proactively monitor key customer activity through automated alerts sent to e-mail, cell phone, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
  • Enhance and validate data from third-parties via Web Services or data feeds
  • Synchronize customer data in real time between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other applications

A couple of days ago I did my first installation and migration with Scribe. The purpose behind this was to do a migration from Goldmine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. It is a great tool once you get it working! Since I spend too much time deciphering the "readme" I thought to write my own speedy installation guide for Scribe when doing a migration from Goldmine, not sure if this would be applicable for other systems. Will update if needed.

  1. Download the latest version of Scribe
  2. Download the Goldmine to MSCRM templates
  3. Download the Scribe adapter for Microsoft CRM
  4. When installing on the C drive make sure you extract the Scribe download to that drive, so when installing to a D drive extract it to that drive!
  5. Install Scribe on the Goldmine server or do like I did, Install Scribe on the CRM server, install Goldmine and copy over the database that needs to be converted
  6. After installation add the crmadmin user to the "Scribe Console Users"
  7. Reboot
  8. Start the Scribe Workbench and register the product
  9. Install the Goldmine to Microsoft CRM templates
  10. Install the Microsoft CRM adapter. Use instructions mentioned at step 4. Choose option 1 in the setup after this run setup again and choose option 3
  11. Start the Scribe Console and add a new publisher, note the input queue
  12. On the Microsoft CRM server run the configuration utility (In Scribe program group) and paste the input queue you noted at step 11 as output queue
  13. Close the configuration utility
  14. Open Scribe Workbench and choose "File / Open" and browse to the Goldmine template directory. Choose template number one
  15. Test and import it. Do this for every DTS script in the Goldmine directory

I really liked the application and especially the results after migration. My recommendation to Scribe would be to write ONE new "Readme" so it will easier for new and existing users to migrate their existing data to Microsoft CRM.

Any suggestions or recommendations for my steps are welcome and I will update this "how-to". My Dutch friend has also some nice posts about Scribe...Take a look at them over here: and look on his blog for part 2 and 3.