Microsoft Convergence 2008 - Orlando

Yes, it is that time of the year! I went thru my blog posts and I noticed that I typically blog about Convergence but I haven't done that this year at all. Probably because I have been busy with a lot of things and just "forgot" about it, even though I'll be there.

This year, Convergence will take place in Orlando, Florida and Copenhagen, Denmark. This is your opportunity to participate in an exceptional program including a variety of speakers, detailed product demonstrations and hands-on learning sessions. You will learn how to enhance your Microsoft investment now and in the future, and gain a stronger sense of community through interacting with industry leaders, Microsoft team members, partners and other customers.

Useful Links!

Convergence 2008 - Orlando

Session Overview

Convergence Blogger's Feed(really hard to find + register)

I normally used the "Networking" option on the Convergence web site to set up meetings with Partners, but I cannot find a working link on the site! So, for everybody that is going to Orlando and wants to drink a beer, uhm... I mean, wants to talk about CRM with me, either drop me a comment or send me an email through the email form on the blog and we can work something out.

Look forward to see all of you there!