Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Zune... (Part 3)

These days we here more and more about the Zune. There actually some great reviews on the device without calling it the "iPod Killer". Other than reviews we also hear what is and could be possible with a Zune. Tweaks, Hacks or whatever you want to call it..I think it is cool!

As you probably can recall I posted an edited picture of a Zune with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on it and assuming this would be possible in the future. I guess Philip Richardson liked the idea and he took it one step further. He created his own Sync App for the Zune. It is still in Beta, but still this once again shows you what is possible with Microsoft CRM and a small device such as the Zune. You can read his posting here:

I hope he will post some pictures of how it actually looks on the Zune.

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