Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

You might think what is this item about Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services doing on a Blog about Microsoft CRM 3.0? Since SSRS is the reporting engine we use in Microsoft CRM 3.0 i want to explain how you can install SSRS on a WLBS enviroment with a 64-bit SQL 2000 database.

You would assume it's next next finish, well your wrong on this one. If you would do next next finish you would get an error like:

This edition of the Reporting Server Database is not supported on the edition of SQL Server 2000 you have chosen, Please choose another SQL Server that matches the requirements.

To solve it in short:

- Install a 32-bit SQL 2000 server.
- Install SSRS on the first WLBS server and use the 32-bit SQL Server.
- Install SSRS on the second WLBS server.
- Apply SP2 on both servers and reboot
- Export the keys as backup.
- Move the databases to the 64-bit database.
- Specify the new databaseserver on the SRSS which was installed on the WLBS servers.

But as i said this was the short version and it took me a while to figure this out and to find this great article that explain this workaround in a much better way.