Proper Setting up the CRM Router Service

I ran into, and seen a lot of issues when setting up the CRM Router for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. I hope this posting will solve some problems for you guys out there.

  1. Set up a new user. (crmmail)
    "To deploy rules to the mailbox of a CRM user, the person running the Rule Deployment Wizard must have Exchange administrative permissions on the mailbox. Use the Exchange System Manager and the Exchange delegation wizard to designate Exchange Administrators. As an alternative, make sure that the person running the Rule Deployment Wizard has full permissions on the Exchange mailbox store or storage group, where the users’ mailboxes are located."
  2. Add the user (crmmail) to the PrivUserGroup in the CRM OU in Active Directory.
  3. Start the CRM Router service as this user (crmmail).

This should result in a correct working installation of the Microsoft CRM Exchange Router. For "normal" installation instructions , you have to take a look in the Implementation Guide. I hope with this post it clarifies how some things work.