West Region Partner Technology Call this Tuesday

Announcing the West Region Partner Technology Call this Tuesday, Dec. 12th at 8:30am to 9:30am Pacific Time.

We will be holding these calls the 2nd Tuesday of each Month through the balance of our Fiscal year. The goal of these calls are to highlight new products and the compelling business advantages for those that adopt them. This is a partner only call and geared towards the technical audience. We will post our deck on the West Region Partner Portal and include numerous links for all related information and to call out available partner training. Our goal is to provide valuable information and eliminate any confusion on where to go to get the detailed information that you need.

  1. When a Customer Should ChooseSQL Server Enterprise Edition Versus SQL Standard Edition and Why: (20 minutes)
    1. Key Technologies Differentiating Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
      a. Scalability and Performance
      b. High Availability
      c. Manageability
      d.  Business Intelligence
    2. Pricing Options For Standard vs. Enterprise, Including Competitive Migration Discounts
  2. Exchange 2007 Outline: (20 minutes)
    1. Built-in protection
      a. Enterprise class availability
      b. Protection (internal/external)
      c. Compliance
    2. Anywhere access
      a. Unified Messaging
      b. OWA
      c. Collaboration
    3. Operational efficiency
      a. Scalability
      b. Deployment
      c. Administration
  • CRM 3.0 Ver. C for Office 2007: (15 minutes)
    1. Overview of New Features in the compatibily releas
      a.  Desktop Software requirements
    2. What's needed for CRM 3.0 Ver. C on Exchange 2007