Christian Belady at Datacentres Malaysia Conference, January 16

Brian Janous, Utility ArchitectChristian Belady, General Manager
Data Center Services

Asia is one of the critical regions for Microsoft as the demand for our cloud services continues to grow. To help share our latest thinking and best practices with the industry in that region, on January 16, Microsoft's General Manager of Data Center Services, Christian Belady will speak with data center executives and managers at the Datacentres Malaysia conference in Kuala Lumpur.

In his speech, Belady will discuss his team's efforts to grow Microsoft's cloud infrastructure while considering key factors such as cost, reliability, security, and sustainability. Belady will highlight Microsoft's modular data center design approach and provide details on the company's clean power Data Plant project, a project he has personally researched for several years at the company.    

If you're already planning to attend the Datacentres Malaysia conference or can manage a last minute trip to Kuala Lumpur, the event looks to be jam packed with a great lineup of speakers. To find out more or to register to attend the conference, visit their web site:   

Tim McDowd, Senior Manager, Digital Communications