Microsoft’s David Gauthier Shares Data Center Design Strategies at Datacenter Dynamics Converged

Tim McDowd, Senior Manager
Digital Communications

070113-1Microsoft's cloud infrastructure has undergone a major cloud-scale transformation in recent years and David Gauthier has been a driving force behind some of its key changes. In his over 13 years at Microsoft through a variety of technical, program and project management roles, Gauthier has helped design and construct more than a dozen Microsoft data centers including Quincy, Washington, San Antonio, Chicago, Dublin and Boydton, Virginia facilities.  On Friday, July 12, Gauthier will talk about this journey with fellow data center operators in a keynote and panel discussion at Datacenter Dynamics Converged: San Francisco (Marriott Marquis).

To support the over 200+ cloud services Microsoft hosts to support the growing customer demand for connectivity to data, friends, and devices today, the company had to make some fundamental changes. One change is the way it designs and runs its data centers. In the latest series of data center designs, Microsoft turned to a familiar solution - software - to help engineer more resiliency into its cloud-scale data centers. In doing so, these integrated software tools and facilities also provide deeper data analytics for its global operations team. In San Francisco, Gauthier will outline some of the key design changes and lessons Microsoft learned to help data center managers consider new opportunities to drive more resiliency in their own facilities. Additionally, Gauthier will join Datacenter Dynamics Editor-in-Chief Ambrose McNevin and others in the industry to exchange more ideas about software-defined data centers.    

To hear Gauthier's presentation about Microsoft's journey, visit the event's registration page to attend. You can also read earlier posts highlighting his team's work via the following blogs and one of Gauthier's earlier presentations posted on our web site.

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Tim McDowd, Senior Manager, Digital Communications