SharePoint Records Center site and InfoPath promoted properties

I ran into an issue at a customer site that took a bit of research to resolve.  The scenario is that the customer is using a SharePoint 2007 site with the "Records Center" template.  They published an InfoPath form with promoted properties to a forms library in the site.  The promoted properties show up as columns in the library, but no data gets populated when a form is submitted.

The "Records Center" template prevents (by design) code from being run that will update content in the Records Center.  After all, the main purpose of the Records Center is to provide a repository where records management activities, such as Holds, can be performed.  The integrity of content in a Records Center is critical to providing legal records management capabilities.

So, bottom line, do not use the "Records Center" template for sites that will host InfoPath forms.  One could potentially use a workflow to move submitted forms from a non-Records Center site into a Records Center, if the forms are subject to records management policies.