MsdnReader e Reader SDK

clip_image001 A questo link potete scaricare l' MSDN Reader, un'applicazione WPF con cui è facile leggere MSDN Magazine.

Se siete interessati a come realizzare un vostro client per leggere feed RSS provate a guardare questo Starter Kit ....


Nell 'SDK trovate:

  • Visual Studio and Expression projects

    • Sample Generic Reader (complete end to end sample, full source code)
    • MSDN Reader
    • Reader Quick Start wizard
    • Photos: a simple sample demonstrating a syndicated photo experience (full sample source code)
  • An integrated branded boostrapper for .Net 3.0 deployment and app installation via Click-Once

  • Content Sync Extensions for RSS 2.0 for rich, nested, authenticated feeds

  • SCE sync service and desktop UI redistributable components "

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