CE 6.0 tools on 64-bit Windows

The CE 6.0 development tools are designed/tested on 32-bit Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista) – I’ve been using the CE 6.0 development tools on 32-bit Windows 7 for some time without any issues.

I recently paved my development PC (quad-core, x64, 8GB RAM, 2TB H/D) and decided to install 64-bit Windows 7. The installation process for all of the development tools (VS 2005, CE 6.0, VS 2008, VS 2010 CTP) seemed to go smoothly, but…

Last week I create a new OSDesign for a CE 6.0 operating system configuration, the wizards all worked well and I ended up with a new OSDesign in the CE 6.0 tools. The operating system image didn’t build though – I got an error that stated “Tools Install Dir in registry is missing.”

I checked with the CE 6.0 tools team – The CE 6.0 tools are not supported on 64-bit Windows.

There are two solutions to this problem, one immediate (but perhaps not ideal), and one longer term – first the immediate solution.

  1. Install the CE 6.0 tools on a 32-bit Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit)
  2. Install the CE 6.0 tools in a Virtual PC image, this would allow a Virtual PC/CE 6.0 tools environment to run on a 64-bit Windows image.

We are working on a longer term solution to the problem that would allow you to work with CE 6.0 operating system images on 64-bit systems.

- Mike